Rose Sanders on Brain-centric Certification (BcID)

We asked, “What was Surprising?”

Rose Sanders from Beacon Building Products as she discusses the game-changing Neuroscience of Learning and the impact of the Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID) certification.

This isn’t just about communication; it’s about understanding the essence of how our brain embraces information and what makes us passionate about learning.

Rose Sanders, Beacon Building Products

Said Rose, “I know, they’re like the nested egg and and the process is kind of the main, or I feel like it’s supposed to be, the main takeaway, but the, the thing that I was most surprised by is how much I guess power we have over our brain, and also, at the same time, how much power our brain has over us.

“Like, if if we’re not aware of it, it is running the show. But the more we’re conscious that we can make changes, the more we can make changes.

“And, also apply that same logic to not controlling other people but Using their brains for us, rather than against us.”

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