SURPRISED: The Art & Science of Engagement

SURPRISED: The Science & Art of Engagement

🎉”SURPRISED: The Science & Art of Engagement” – Launching September 25! 🚀

Have you ever stood at the precipice of a revelation, I mean, right there between what you know and what you know you’re about to discover? That exhilarating feeling is about to take ahold of you again!

I’m totally jazzed (and yes, “Surprised”) to announce the upcoming launch of my book, “SURPRISED: The Science & Art of Engagement”, set to hit shelves and digital platforms on September 25th 🙂

📖 What’s the Buzz About?
Surprise isn’t merely an emotion; it’s a handy-dandy bridge between an engaged person and an unengaged person. This book explores the instant power availed when you wield Surprise for effect, and how it elegantly spans the chasm between the engaged & not-engaged audience. In the same vein as Brain-centric’s transformative frameworks, this work focuses on the application of Surprise and its specific influences on engagement, personally and professionally.

📌 But Wait, There’s More!
Before we step into the official release, I have a surprise box of insights and sneak peeks planned for you:

  • Exclusive Excerpts & Insights: Stay tuned to your inbox as I share glimpses into the pages of “SURPRISED,” providing a taste of what’s to come.
  • Live Webinar: Join me for an immersive session where we’ll explore the nuanced dance between the Science & Art of Engagement, all through the lens of Surprise. It’s a deep dive you won’t want to miss!
  • Early Bird Specials: Be among the first to access online training sessions and one-on-one consultations, tailored to integrate the principles of “SURPRISED” into your world.

Here’s to new opportunities and that delightful feeling of being pleasantly Surprised!

Keep it cognitive,

Rich Carr, BcID
Author | Emergent Thinker| Cognitive Explorer

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