Double Win!

Celebrating Our Two Best Sellers & Exciting Brain-centric Basics Schedule!

I am thrilled to share some fantastic news with all of you! This morning, two of my books have made their mark on Amazon’s Best Seller list in the Business & Money > Running Meetings & Presentations category. “Brain-centric Design” has clinched the #55 spot, and, excitingly, my newest release, “Surprised: The Science & Art of Engagement,” has debuted at #87. What makes this even more special? “Surprised” achieved this just three days after its launch!

But that’s not all. I also want to ensure you’re in the loop about some upcoming training dates that might interest you:

  • Brain-centric Greenhouse tomorrow (10/10/23 @ Noon PST): Here, we’ll delve deep into the powerful ‘Surprise of Disequilibrium’ in presentations. Register Free.
  • Brain-centric Basics has sessions on 10/26/23 & 10/27/23. Due to popular demand, we’ve also added new dates in November, specifically on 11/16/23 & 11/17/23.
  • Lastly, for those eager to become experts, our Brain-centric Certification program kicks off on 11/19/23.

It’s an incredible feeling to see the anticipation and positive reception from our community. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you for your continued support. Your enthusiasm and feedback inspire me every day. I hope to see many of you in our upcoming sessions, learning and growing together.

Surprised is available Now!

Unlocking the power in unexpected moments…

Ever noticed how some people navigate through unexpected events with a graceful ease, turning every surprise into an opportunity? It’s not luck; it’s a skill – and one that you can learn too.

“SURPRISED” is more than a book. It’s your guide to understanding and mastering unexpected moments, sharpening your decision-making, and paving your path towards continuous success.

Handling surprise effectively isn’t about being smarter or more knowledgeable. It’s about understanding the elements of surprise and using them to your advantage. Anyone can thrive in good conditions, but with the insights from “SURPRISED,” you’ll be able to turn even the unexpected scenarios into moments of triumph.

Starting from a place of understanding, “SURPRISED” is your key to managing any situation with wisdom and balance.

Grab your copy of “SURPRISED” today, and begin your journey into a future filled with clarity, insight, and achievements.

Uncover the Power to…

-Use a proven approach to create engaging, memorable experiences
-Take charge of unexpected events, turning them to your advantage
-Build a system for ongoing, intuitive success
-Recognize and shift patterns that have been blocking your progress
-Avoid hidden pitfalls that have been secretly tripping you up
-Develop an environment that naturally promotes your desired actions
-Adjust your viewpoint to see situations with fresh eyes
-Keep cool, even when those around you can’t
-Get back on course after mistakes with grace
-Turn everyday moments into powerful, positive outcomes
-And most importantly, apply these concepts in real, practical ways in your daily life and work.

Make “SURPRISED” your guide to mastering the unexpected and creating a future rich in innovation and success.