Time To Unlearn & Relearn Learning

Our innate capacity to learn, to think, to create, and adapt endowed us with the evolutionary advantages necessary to become one of the most successful organisms on the planet. In spite of mankind’s amazing potential, it is an ironic truism of modernity that our US educational system is losing massive numbers of young learners each […]

Long-term Potentiation & Agency

Expertise (coupled with efficiency) is a critical workplace capacity. The challenge is to activate the potential of our learners, but also to be agile, competitive, and empathetically responsible for the consumers we serve. An employee’s healthy connection to job and place of employment is essential to sustain a lifelong learning approach where social contribution is […]

Chunking: Homeschooling’s Secret Weapon

Homeschoolers Are Chunkers Education has been using the same model for far too long. It looks something like this: schedule the whole day, section it into hours, section hours into classes, fill an hour with a class, and repeat. The problem? For lots of reasons, that old model doesn’t work so well. To better understand […]

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