You spend your day talking, persuading, trying to achieve goals large and small.  These efforts land on the shoulders of individuals gripped by the anxiety of COVID culture, in need of development, and in need of understanding.

You see it all around you; the avoidance of challenges, burnout, fatigue, and the collapse of problem-solving strategies when obstacles arise. 

Now is a fortuitous time to make meaningful changes to your career and elevate your thinking to 'thinking.'  You've never been taught to think.  Think about that.  You've only been told to think.

The solution is your Brain.  And theirs. 

The awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes, applying that power to what you do, unleashes your potential, increases efficiencies, ignites others into a paradigm of intrinsic motivation.  They're engaged, have found their voice, deeply understand everything you say.

Brain-centric Design's celebrated Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID)14-Week Certification delivers you the specific frameworks of how the brain processes information and how that brain loves to learn.  Everything you present they'll understand, become motivated by, and retain for good.

Your brain comes with precise directions for making your big idea their big idea. 

Brain-centric Design is a published pedagogic model within the learning sciences of cognitive neuroscience. 

In plain speak, you'll be understood.  They'll be engaged and motivated. 

Come and get what you need.

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