Pacific Lutheran University

Advanced Neural Education Training

Neural Education offers educator professional development courses and institutes with the goal of bringing accessible neuroscience research, practices and tools to schools and classrooms everywhere!

Audience: Our prospective audience is ALL K-12 educators: Classroom Teachers, Principals, Administrators, School Psychologists, Department Leads, Instructional Designers, TOSAs and Coaching Staff.

PTA/PTO for parents is also available.

Courses: We offer short courses ( 2-3 hours), half-day courses (typically 4 hours), Day courses (typically 6-7 hours), and three-day and five-day courses. Clock Hours: We offer clock hours (including STEM Clock Hours) for all our courses.

Administrator, Franklin Pierce Schools

We, as teachers, have the ability to transform student learning.
The Neural Education Institute has given me a new perspective and the tools to assist with the transformation!
Every teacher should take this class.

Bellingham High School teacher

This was the single best professional development I have attended.
I went in expecting to come away with a binder of "things to do", and instead, I came away with a new perspective on kids, learning and practice.
I know so much more about how to work with kids, and help them be ready to learn.
Thank you so much for helping me grow in a way I never thought I could!

Jeannine Medvedich , Assistant Principal

This is the best professional development opportunity I have had in over 25+ years in education.
This is real information and strategies that we as educators need.
The training flew by and was modeled in the way we should be teaching for our brains.
Amazing life changing experience.
I am forever Neutralized.

AnnMarie Seidelman, Brouillet

"Teach to the orchid" the beneficial greenhouse effect.

Middle School Teacher

This is the most powerful training I have had!

Assistant Principal, Northwood Elementary

I can't wait to bring greenhousing strategies to my students & to grow my own neural lens.

Carolyn Rosand, SLP

I came to this institute concerned that I wouldn't learn anything useful as an Speech-language pathologist (SLP) but came away realizing the brain has everything to do with my profession in the schools.

Gen Ed Teacher

All of the resources we received at this course will fill a significant need to implement the practices we learned this week into our school's culture and community.

Instructional Specialist

In the most positive way, I will never look at a student the same.
I will understand my students better, I will understand their brain better and I will understand how to help them.
I will also never look at a zebra the same.