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Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”

Cognitive learning neuroscience has not only verified this but has also given you the model to make it happen for you and your business, and for the fortunate throngs whose potential will be maximized by your energies in implementing Brain-centric Design immediately and indefinitely.


Experience Brain-centric Design by immersing yourself in each chapter online. More than 30 hours of BcD Challenge Wheel experiences have been developed for you, delivering multiple perspectives and allowing you to interact with the content to make it your thinking. Once you learn BcD, you’ll never go back!

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From the Fortune 500 to the local business, Brain-centric Design and its growing cadre of Brain-centric Instructional Designers (BcID) are ready to transform your company! We’ll work with your team to take your existing content out of its current configuration and into one that is brain-centric, saves time, and delivers deep understanding.

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Becoming a Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID) is the highest certification available in the learning sciences for producing content for deep understanding, and is accredited by the Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching & Learning. Enabling you to bring critical mental models and methodologies of Brain-centric Design as a Certified BcID gives you the tools and practices that align with how the brain works and how people learn. It’s not clever…it’s science.

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