Pacific Lutheran University

Advanced Neural Education Training

Neural Education offers educator professional development courses and institutes with the goal of bringing accessible neuroscience research, practices and tools to schools and classrooms everywhere!

Audience: Our prospective audience is ALL K-12 educators: Classroom Teachers, Principals, Administrators, School Psychologists, Department Leads, Instructional Designers, TOSAs and Coaching Staff.

PTA/PTO for parents is also available.

Courses: We offer short courses ( 2-3 hours), half-day courses (typically 4 hours), Day courses (typically 6-7 hours), and three-day and five-day courses. Clock Hours: We offer clock hours (including STEM Clock Hours) for all our courses.

CTE Teacher

Neural education allows me to work side by side with my students to implement the latest brain research in preparing them for the ever changing world we live in!
I have been and always will be a change agent!

Sawyer Woods Elementary

One way my Neural Lens will support me is lesson design. I am now thinking about Millers Law, Novelty, Cognitive Rehearsal, Dopamine, Backwards Design and many other concepts as I create lessons for teachers and students.

Middle School Teacher

Being able to teach students how they learn gives the student ownership and helps them become more involved in their education.
It allows us to co-create a classroom that is free of most behavior issues and allows my students to tap into their human potential.

Sharon Long, 2nd Grade Teacher

Neural Education has helped me understand "that kid."
No longer will I look at a child (or person for that matter) as a problem.
My neural lens will help me see the potential in that human being.

Jennifer Dixon, Woodland Elementary School

I'm excited to teach to my Orchids, and provide an environment where Orchids flourish, which will allow all the flowers in my garden to flourish as well.

Jeannine Medvedich, Assistant Principal

If we all came to education with Neural Lenses we would be able to meet the needs of all of our marginalized students while helping the typical student thrive.
We seek high academic results and SEL and we layer dollars, when all we need is Neural Education...
Promoting high academic results in a way that will meet the social emotional needs.
It is everything we have been looking for in education.

Teacher Leader, Culinary Arts

Neural Education is something that everyone should know about.
It's important in who we are as human beings and how we interact with others throughout our life.
Having that lens in the 21st century as an educator is so enlightening. Best class ever!!

Barbie Gonzalez, Cherrydale Primary School

Thank you for two excellent Neural Education seminars. It was ideal to have the Basic course in June, followed by Advanced course in August, as it gave me time in July to reflect and then to anticipate what I might learn in the next class.
I saved up my questions for Advanced!
Now that I know more about how and why the brain works, I am eager to return to my music students.
I can’t wait to use my neural lens to add more movement, play, and fun to our music time.
I look forward to sharing my results, or at least our journey, with you.

Valli Rebsamen, School-based Family Therapist

The Neural Education experience provides educators from a variety of backgrounds concrete understanding and tools for how to better support students’ learning and human development.
I appreciated the multidisciplinary research that was presented.
When viewed through a “neural lens” the seemingly disparate ideas become cohesive and more accessible for application in the educational setting.
This training is a professional pivot point for many and I wish every teacher and administrator in the state could have this engaging experience.