In each ‘concept chip’ on the next page, type in the concepts you must cover for the audience you are about to communicate to so they will do with the information what you intend. For example, I may want to cover Prospecting, Pitching, Closing, Motivation, amongst other concepts, for a Sales Meeting.

To add more concept chips, push Tab.


In seven words or less, how will you know this audience will walk away with a deep understanding of your intended communication?


Next, you’ll choose the ONE concept chip your audience must deeply understand when you are done communicating it.

Drag that concept chip to the top of the screen. If your answer to this question is not one of the concept chips already displayed, add another by clicking +Add Concept, and place that as your Big Idea.


With the remaining concepts, what TWO CONCEPTS must they deeply understand to make your Big Idea happen so you can enjoy the measurement you intended?

Drag the essential concept to the upper left Scaffolding Thought and the next most important concept to the upper right Scaffolding Thought.

Align & Prioritize Concepts

With the remaining concepts in no particular order, align them under the SCAFFOLDING THOUGHT they best support. Once complete, prioritize the concepts under their Scaffolding Thought on their importance to the Scaffold. Start with the most crucial concept, then the second most, and so on.

Try to align every chip with these two Scaffolding Thoughts. If the concept does not align with either, delete it. To group chips together, drag them together and rename the group.

Add/Edit Card

Update the card text below

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