BRain-centric Instructional Designer

The Neuroscience of Learning's unequaled individual communication advancement is the BcD Certified Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID).Deeply understand how the brain processes new information and how the human brain loves to learn and apply this framework to all communications immediately.

Cohorts are presented in our psychologically safe learning space, within the BcD model asynchronously as well as a group each week for fourteen weeks.  You will explore two new BcD online Challenges weekly at your own pace, reflect on your observations, and report out in our live weekly Cohorts.


-Advance Your Knowledge
As BcID graduates, you will have negotiated a paradigmatic shift into a cognitive thinking methodology that facilitates customer learning, increases student retention, and enhances learners' deep understanding. This cognitive space is the highest degree of excellence in the educational endeavor – when the student gains agency, a sense of belonging that promotes a positive growth mindset, and purpose for what and why in their learning process.

-The Science of Learning
BcID graduates inhabit a field called the "Science of Learning," grounded in brain-based outcomes that focus on how people learn and how the human brain works. Rich Carr, BcID, and cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Kieran O'Mahony work with educators in fields as broad as k-12, neural diverse individuals, adult learning, consultants, communicators, and corporate HR training and talent development departments.

-Specialized Intellectual Instruction
In the past few decades, learning scientists working with neuroscientists have made astonishing discoveries about the neural aspects of the human brain and how it learns. At BcD, we translate these discoveries into a practical teaching system utilizing cognitive frameworks that deliver powerful teaching and learning improvements for industry learners. Instructional Design experts thus, enable all individuals to reach their potential. Results are always significant and often breathtaking.


  • Learning Is Connecting The Dots
  • Insulate Your Neurons
  • Get To Know Your Sexy Brain Bits
  • How Your Brain Filters Information
  • Google Is Like Your Hippocampus
  • Too Much Information And How To Simplify It
  • Prefrontal Cortex: Where We Pay Attention


  • What Is Learning
  • Dopamine: The Intrinsic Shortcut To Learning
  • Neuroplasticity: Change Your Brain
  • Every Thought Counts
  • Pulling It All Together: Neuroscience, Growth Mindset, And You


  • You Get An 'A' And You Get An 'F'
  • Behaviorism Is Outdated
  • What Your Boss Is Doing Wrong
  • Why Incentives Don't Work


  • The Educator's Dilemma
  • What Rich's Daughter And Jeff Bezos Have In Common
  • What's The Big Idea?
  • The Big Idea Produces Incredible Results
  • Educate Like An Orchestra Conductor
  • The Challenge Wheel
  • Intitial Thoughts: Prime The Learning Engine
  • Multiple Perspectives: Experts Engage The Challenge
  • Reflect: The Are Of Critical Thinking
  • Revised Thinking: Activate Choice And Agency
  • Report Out: High-Octane Cognitive Rehearsal
  • Long Term Potentiation: Bookmark Your Brain


Ozioma Egwuonwu internationally celebrated speaker, transformational thought-leader, storyteller, and visionary master strategist at BurnBright International in New York & Lisbon, recently became a certified Brain-centric Instructional Designer.


What Is My Investment?
Cohort Seats are $5,000 per person. Private Cohorts are available for $45,000 for your group.

Are Scholarships Available?
Each Cohort includes one Scholarship (gratis) seat. Non-Profit Organization & Students Cohort Seat is $2,500 per person.

We Are About Beautiful Baby Brains and Nature
A portion of each Cohort's proceeds are gifted to The Institute For Connecting Neuroscience With Teaching and Learning. We also allocate contributions towards projects that remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere through Stripe Climate.

Engage, Collaborate, & Ignite in a Psychologically Safe Learning Space
Live, each week, spend 90-minutes with a Cognitive Learning Neuroscientist, Brain-centric Instructional Designers, Learning Scientists and harvest the collective genius.

The Neuroscience of Learning's BcD Mentor/Mentee Model
You need the framework to deliver Psychological Safety. This is it.

Brain-centric Design (the book)
Like Alice in Wonderland, you'll plunge into each subject deeply, play at your pace

Audiobook Included!
Each section begins with the audiobook reading before you engage in the Challenge

Permanent Access to Course Material
You'll have access to your course material whenever you want it, and on whatever device

36 hours over 14 weeks
A private Mentor/Mentee group collaboration each week, and two sections by yourself

Learn on Any Device
Learn at the office, on your sofa, and on the go

Professional Learning Community on LinkedIn
When you complete this foundational course on BcD, you're invited!

Influencing decisions and helping employee resilience, well-being, and productivity are transactions of psychologically safe thought, a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. These are brain processes, and Brain-centric Design is the framework you apply for how the brain processes information in a way people love to learn, communicate and thrive.


“The winners of the next decade will be neurocentric organizations – those that apply behavioral science to every aspect of their customer, employee, and leadership activities.”
 -Gartner, June 2022