“Education is the only profession where we don’t know how to use the most important tool…the brain!”

Brain as a Tool

Brain-centric Design (BcD) teaches you to use the brain as a tool for learning with deep understanding. Deep understanding is essential, as it places you and your learners in a growth mindset, develops adaptive expertise, and is easy to use once you understand the vital mechanics of the tool and how to use it once you do.

Your content, whatever you’re presenting to a new audience, will be delivered the way the brain accepts new information, and how people love to learn. A better understanding of utilizing the brain as a tool yields better results from better learners for best outcomes.

It’s not clever…it’s science.

Like most of us, you struggle against an outdated model of teaching. We’re not just talking about in the classroom either. You fight this process every time you train a new hire, every time you learn a skill yourself, and every time you teach your child something new. You’re not alone—almost everyone uses this technique to some degree, more often subconsciously than consciously.

It’s not your fault either.

You’re just using the tool you’re most familiar with. You were introduced to this method in grade school, immersed in it by high school, inundated with it through higher education. Moreover, by the time you entered the workforce, it had solidified into your psyche. It’s likely the only approach to teaching you’ve ever had any real experience with, so why would you think to use anything else?

Knowledge is only powerful when shared. Given this, we hope that future generations of educators and scientists will stand on the shoulders of this work, and in doing so, will further perfect this approach to learning and the brain.

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