Brain as a Tool

Shouldn't Learning & Development WOW?

Hey, shouldn’t L&D wow? Shouldn’t learners love to participate in every training, I'm talking 100% attendance and engagement, then brag about how much they learned, how valuable it was?

Thing is, it’s not this way. You’re lucky if you get 50% program engagement, lucky if people log onto your LMS. Employees bitch and moan about upcoming training, avoiding it like unwanted paperwork. L&D ends up chasing employees just to tick boxes.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There's a way to make L&D praised and recognized for the (unseen) value you bring.

The most innovative companies in the Fortune 500 use this way, with 100% engagement and 100% retention, with learners loving their training courses (and executives seeing value as a result).

How do we know? We built it for them.

We are the framework of using Brain-science and learning science to build L&D programs that rocket ramp-up times and beat information overload.

We're Brain-centric Instructional Design - would you be open to learning a bit more about it?

Let’s put L&D in the spotlight because learning is earning, executives just don’t see it yet.



PS: Let's hear from our Melbourne, Australia BcID, Sam Holston...




  • Our full Uncovering program comprises three standalone 3.5-hour workshops.
  • Individually, they tackle specific upskills within the learning brain, organizing information, & presenting for retention.
  • Collectively, they build cognitive-driven employees ignited with autonomy, mastery, and purpose.



Understand what learning is on a fundamental level. Discover the brain’s “shortcut to learning” and how to incorporate it into your environment. You’ll learn how to develop critical skills in your audience like growth mindsets & adaptive expertise guaranteeing engagement.



To ensure the brain can process new information when delivered, the information must be placed in the order in which the brain can process for long term memory, deep understanding, & then act on that learning once delivered. The Nested Egg places your information in that order.



The literal step-by-step process of delivering your information - online, face-to-face, blended - engaging your audience immediately, and co-collaborating a learning space where they uncover the information for themselves. Process, not memorization.  Jaw-dropping results follow!

  • We make the delivery of these 21st Century Learning & Development skills simple.
  • Workshops are delivered in-person or in a virtual classroom; Zoom, WebEx, Teams, HopIn or BlueJeans
  • Aside for live events T&E, we do not charge design or setup fees, or any other hidden costs.
  • Our fees include all technical setup, learning aides, activities, feedback and analysis, learner resources and management time.


  • Installing the jaw-dropping Brain-centric Design certification framework for lifetime excellence.
  • Fourteen weeks, 28 online upskilling session, 14 1-hour mentoring sessions, Online support community.
  • Successfully elevate you and your business upon Mastery Certification of Brain-centric Design's cognitve framework.


How would your life change if everything you presented guaranteed 100% engagement? Learning & Development’s forced catapult into 21st-Century online and blended learning skills is the solution. 
You simply don't want to be let behind in this singularity moment in learning & development.  Let's face it, technology has just moved the backboard to a computer screen.  
Your economy depends on the dissemination of new information. Future calls for transformation in L & D are now essential priorities. The most high-value work is cognitive.

So, let's get cognitive.

Brain-centric Design: The Surprising Neuroscience Behind Learning with Deep Understanding

Available on Amazon as an audiobook, as well as paperback, hardcover & Kindle