I See Brain People

I See Brain People

Here’s something wild: Have you ever really thought about, at the end of the day, we’re not communicating with older people, millennials, women, men, LGBTQ, or disabled people.

We’re communicating to a brain, or a bunch of brains, all wrapped in whatever labels we’re using, altering that communication to our ideal.


As a species, we humans have developed quite a noggin.’ That noggin,’ our brain, is the ONE organ we communicate to.

All the other organs muse off this organ.

“The brain is the one organ we can communicate to!”

Rich Carr

Emmi right?

All the more efficient is that most of our brains process communication pretty much the same way.

All the experiences and input we pick up along the way make us who we are.
OUR operating system is Brain

What we place in that operating system, our ‘content,’ and what we do with it, makes us who we are.

Not knowing this operating system is, you know, blue screen.

Could I walk through tomorrow communicating only to brains?

Do it in whatever way works best for you, but wander through the day assuming everybody has a brain and knows how to use it.

It may be different than the way you do it.

Like, chili. You make chili, I make chili, but we both make different bowls of chili, and that’s cool.

Sometimes so cool I ask you for a recipe to pump up my chili with that secret thing you do.

I understand what I do differently because you gave me new information that improved my position.

Brains are brains. Like chili, we agree on what it is, and we all have our own unique ingredients.

Be a non-conformist, communicate with that brain over there, or the brains you work with, lead, follow, or commune with.

The next person you speak with face to face, look past the wrapping and communicate with that brain.

Guaranteed, it knows something you don’t.

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