June Certification Date Announced!

One new BcD Certification Cohort date has been announced beginning June16th, 2022.  Reserve your seats here!


Brain-centric Design learning spaces deliver you a clear capacity to enable your customers, colleagues, and audience to see and feel the benefits you offer.  To emotionally connect before we begin uncovering.

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Brain-centric Design Online

Mentor: Rich Carr, Kieran O'Mahony, PhD

" Why didn't they teach this in school!?! " is the #1 reaction to this foundational training.  A literal framework for taking any concept and presenting it to others for 100% comprehension and retention.


BcD Cohort Certification

Mentor: Rich Carr

Become a Certified Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID) together with an online Cohort that meets live each week to harvest the collective genius assembled in each learning space!  Cohort opportunities are available throughout the year on special, announced start dates.

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Course Photo

Individual Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID) Certification

Mentor: Rich Carr, Kieran O'Mahony, PhD

When you need all the attention on you, to fit your timeline, and to become the most high-value worker in your sphere, this opportunity gives you one-on-two individual attention as Kieran O'Mahony and Rich Carr walk you through 28 individual sections fitting your calendar, starting as soon as you are ready!


Meet the Mentors

Co-authors of Brain-centric Design : The Surprising Neuroscience Behind Learning with Deep Understanding  and pioneering duo leading Communicators, Coaches and Educators into the Cognitive Revolution


Rich Carr, BcID


Master Brain-centric Instructional Designer & Communicator


Kieran O'Mahony, PhD


Pioneering Cognitive Learning Neuroscientist & Author


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