“Guidance requires action, and a reliable guide you trust.”

Guiding Your Focused Internal Designers And SME’s Through The Transformational BcD Process... And Getting a Course.

This five day intensive is designed for organizational teams that routinely train employees. We’ve had success implementing this course in many training situations, such as:

  • Call centers
  • Medical insurance claims organizations
  • Quality control divisions
  • Customer service representatives
  • Organizations with high employee turnover

In this five-day immersive journey into BcD, we’ll show your staff how to use our neuroscience method while building your course. That means your team will not only understand our approach, but implement it using their own materials.

By the end of day five, your trainers will be able to:

  • Onboard new hires in less time
  • Retain new talent without expensive incentives
  • Empower their teammates with adaptive expertise
  • Use our method for future projects

Each day has been crafted in our BcD methodology. Learn what BcD can do for your team.


  • Crafting Our Story

    The first day is all about learning how to use the brain as a tool. Like all tools, the brain is easy to use once it’s understood! Learn the basics of neuroscience, like how neural structures are created, how structures like the amygdala “hijack” the brain, and what happens if you lose half of your hippocampus. Get to know your team better in the process.

  • Laying A Nested Egg

    Day two dives into our nested egg approach using Miller’s Law. Using your own materials, we’ll teach your team how to refine their big ideas (or main objective) and present them without inducing cognitive overload. By the end of day two, the class will have a clear roadmap of their complete project.

  • Scripting The Multiple Perspectives

    Day three is about jumping from lobe to lobe with your training (soon you’ll learn that engaging multiple lobes at once is fundamental to information retention). Discover what medias, techniques, and activities your team can use to increase understanding and comprehension. Throughout day three, we’ll repurpose your already-developed content, create new elements to implement, and dream big!

  • Turning The Challenge Wheel

    By day four, your team is ready to use our BcD framework, called the Challenge Wheel. This five-part method is an easy-to-use, intuitive teaching framework that ensures complete understanding of whatever information is presented. We’ll also show your team how to shape it depending on their delivery method, timeline, and available resources.

  • Production & Delivery

    On day five, your team will finish mapping out their specific production needs and clarify any additional delivery tweaks. Specific to your organization and your team, we manage the project and all production elements to deliver on time and on budget.

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