From 'Butts In Seats' To 'Brains Engaged'

You probably already knew this, but how you learned in school wasn't that effective.  The transmission model of almost any learning space on the globe features a 'sage on the stage' and a lecture where learners passively listen in rows facing forward.  The effectiveness of this method is assessed in what amount of information learners can regurgitate from a representative set of questions.  

Remember more, you were perceived to be smarter.  Remember less, well, we've got a lessor or no job for you today.

While we excelled at learning as children before we attended school, we entered the school system and swallowed a framework that put us in a box and system that was one-size-fits-all, you forget most of what was presented within a day or two, and surprisingly, it's the same framework employed in almost every school and business on the globe today.

Brain-centric Design's 100% scientifically proven framework places your information in the order that the brain processes new information and presents it the way people love to learn.  

Learning professionals from more than forty countries heralded the 'reversing of the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve at Columbia Teacher's College in June 2019:

When you organize and present your information in the Brain-centric Design framework, expect:

  • Up to 100% Retention long-term
  • 100% Engagement of your Big Idea
  • 100% Learning Space Inclusion
  • Blended Learning, Instructor-Led, Online Learning
  • Less Stress For Facilitators
  • Improve team performance
  • Change the way staff views their position

Brain-centric Design solves root issues like employee turnover or training time within your program and empowers your staff with the tools and knowledge to be successful.

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